“We have an internal marketing goal of promoting every game on our route. Promo Nation gives us that unique promotional ability with their proprietary point system, online shopping mall, Promo Menu, social media support (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram), rewards cards, sign-up sheets, on-premise collateral (posters and on-screen digital ads) and many other promotional strategies. Promo Nation has directly helped us progress from four loyal players to 65 loyal players within one year.”
- Shawn Dean – Dean Vending

“We recently acquired a big new account – and with it, some unhappy Golden Tee players. Promo Nation’s online prize concept has reinvigorated them. They are excited, and even working on an in-house league. The bar owner is very impressed with our model. Promo Nation really makes a difference.”
- Bill Lenz – Midstate Amusements

“At one time, Awe Vending & Amusements was part of a local group of operators running Tournamaxx contests. When the group disbanded, revenues tanked. Promo Nation not only helped us get our original core players back, but new players as well – they provide collateral that works. Our players love the Online Shopping Mall, choosing prizes they want vs. predetermined ones. It’s working across all Promo Nation gaming platforms.”
- Tim Daly – Awe Vending